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Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit


This Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit includes carefully curated premium cocktail bitters, raw cane sugar and stainless steel bartender supplies.  The combination of orange, grapefruit and aromatic bitters is the secret weapon for the best Old Fashioned recipe.

The custom designed, fancy pants bartender's muddler spoon is included, as well as 3 stainless steel cocktail picks and a hand-knit cocktail napkin.

Makes at least 6 cocktails – replenish the sugar cubes and make up to 25 cocktails (you'll have plenty of cocktail bitters left over).

Better than the bar – ordering drinks can be hit or miss, but this Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit never fails.  Designed by expert mixologists and made with premium ingredients, this cocktail box far exceeds even the best old fashioned mix.

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