Cathy Pope

Labradorite Mala Beads Necklace - Intuition


Introducing Cathy Pope's mala beads as part of their transformative Ritual Collection! Each mala bead strand is unique to you and has been handcrafted with love and joy by their artisans who work from their home in The Pink City of Jaipur.

The beads are connected by 100% silk threads. Every precious and semi-precious gemstone has been ethically sourced and vibrates with empowering energy. Each piece is special and unique to you. You’ll get to enjoy every intricate variation in gemstone colour, pattern and texture as you rotate these stunning beads. Dial into the good stuff! 

Enter the realm of metaphysics with Labradorite, an unmatched protector! It shields auras, deflects negativity, and even tames our inner negativity. This transformational gem brings strength, balance, and heightened intuition to journey through change. Let Labradorite elevate consciousness and ground your spiritual energies!

Gold beads are sterling silver plated in 2 microns of 18k gold

Guru bead is crystal quartz - a stone for enhancing mental clarity and emotional stability

Garnet stone size 5mm round

Featuring four black pearls

Necklace length - 108 beads 58cm long (incl tassel).

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