Becca Project

La Mere Diana Body Oil


Becca pours love into everything they do, but this one is even closer than the rest to their heart. Named after Carlie's mum, who recently passed away after a brave battle with bowel cancer, they have launched this body oil to reflect her true strength and bravery.

Powerful and grounding, this delicate, all-natural formula softly turns to a light fragrant veil on your skin. Enriched with the "Kings" of essential oils, Myrrh, Vetiver, Frankincense and Sandalwood, this confident earthy scent, helps to calm, balance and centre your emotions whilst leaving your skin plump, hydrated and looking youthful. 

With each purchase of La mere Diana we're donating $1 to Bowel Cancer NZ to raise awareness and fund the research to work towards preventing this horrible disease. The more we know about bowel cancer, the better the chances are of beating it. 


Please be aware this body oil contains nut products. They also contain essential oils. Please seek advice from your healthcare professional before using when pregnant or breastfeeding

Made in New Zealand.


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