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Hampton House Layered Dinner Candle - 30cm


The fun layering of these candles provides a unique twist on the classic dinner candle. Style them mixed in with single colour candles or use them on their own for a bolder décor look.

Hand poured, layer by layer, the unscented Moreton Eco Hamptons House Layered Dinner Candle has a diameter of 2 cm and a height of 30 cm and is made from vegetable stearin using natural dyes and a braided cotton, lead free wick. The result is a hard wearing candle with a clean, long lasting burn.

NOTE: These Layered Dinner Candles are hand-poured and artisan crafted so you may find some variations between pieces including a hairline join where layers meet. The hand-poured nature of the product means that this is a delicate item and layered discs can separate. This will not affect the way the candle burns.

Colour: French Blue, Steel Blue, Pastel Blue.

Scent: Unscented.

Price is for a single candle.


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