Car Diffuser - Pomegranate + Juicy Mango

$39 $46

Sleek and sophisticated, these reusable Car Diffuser offer a stylishly sustainable way to take your favourite fragrance with you - wherever the road may lead.

Made of modern and minimalistic matte black aluminium, each Car Diffuser includes one refillable fragrance stick, scented with our premium phthalate-free fragrance oils - lasting 30 to 60 days.

Designed to enhance every journey, the diffuser clips easily onto your car’s air vent - with one simple twist controlling the intensity of the fragrance, releasing a subtle scent with the airflow through your car. No headaches or overpowering fragrances here!

Important: These Car Diffusers are only suitable for use on vehicles with horizontal air vents. These diffusers work best in cars with an auto climate mode as fragrance is released when air is flowing through the diffuser unit.

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