Blunt + Karen Walker Classic Collaboration Monogram - Limited Edition


The Karen Walker monogram print brings an air of refined whimsy to rainy day ensembles with its dance of interlocking initials.

Echoing Karen’s 2024 weatherwear palette, the Karen Walker monogram print comes in classic black/grey. Set within a neat frame, this print captures Karen’s knack for blending playful charm with timeless elegance.

When rain clouds threaten, and you have places to be, carry the Classic. Offering full coverage in a refined style, the Classic protects against wind, rain and shine, and tucks comfortably under your arm when there's a break in the weather.

The Classic’s high-tensioned canopy provides full comfort and shelter, even during those all day downpours.

Comes with a matching carry sleeve.

Style: Full-length stick

Open Diameter: 120cm

Closed Length: 84cm

Weight: 660g

Wind-tested to: Category 1 hurricane*

BLUNT Umbrellas are designed and built with meticulous craft and care to ensure they stand the test of time. They back this up with a global 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

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