Silk + Steel

Amour Necklace - Black + Gold


Elevate your elegance with the Amour radiating heart necklace, adorned with beautiful black spinel stones on 14k gold-plated sterling silver. The pendant gracefully hangs from a fine cable chain, that's easily adjustable for your desired length.

The inspiration behind the Amour collection traces back to a magnificent discovery—a beautifully bound book, uncovered in a Parisian flea market, dating back to 1917. Within its pages lies a handwritten inscription of love, and delicately pressed rose petals, now over a century old. We cherish how this enduring love story continues to inspire L'Amour.

The combination of black and gold exudes a luxurious allure, making this necklace a timeless accessory. 

Fine 14k gold-plated sterling silver cable chain necklace, with radiating heart black spinel pendant. Adjustable.

Designed in New Zealand and handmade by artisans.

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