Alantoíne - Protecting Hand Cream


Alantoíne Protective Hand Cream is an iconic hand cream blended with pure allantoin. This powerful emollient protects sensitive hands from external aggressions and your skin becomes instantly smoother as if enveloped in a feather-light citrus-scented invisible glove. Hands up for Alantoíne! 

For normal to dry skin.

  • 95% Natural Ingredients
  • 0% Parabens
  • 0% Petroleum
  • 0% Phenoxyethanol
  • Cruelty-free & Vegan
  • Dermatologically tested

    Apply a small quantity on your hands and spread it gently. Massage your hands until the cream is totally absorbed. Can be used repeatedly whenever necessary throughout the day.


    Made in Portugal.

    Pure Allantoin: is a classic vegetable ingredient used in cosmetic formulas acting as a skin protector and emollient. It presents a soft keratolytic action, promoting a natural peeling that turns skin softer and smoother.
    Organic Lemon Extract: has antioxidant properties and boosts the citric scent.
    Glycerin: with its moisturizing properties, keeps skin hydrated.

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