Wave Incense Holders + Black Sand - Smoke


FAZEEK's WAVE INCENSE HOLDER - SMOKE are inspired by structures that stimulate the senses and catch the eye. These gorgeous rippled glass pieces capture the curves and free-flowing designs while acting as a unique vessel for your FAZEEK charcoal incense cone.

To use the FAZEEK Wave Incense Holder, simply fill the glass vessel with roughly one centimetre of the black sand provided and place your favourite FAZEEK charcoal incense cone on top and ignite.

Each wave incense holder is handmade for Fazeek which means there can be beautiful little quirks within the glass which is part of the beauty of handmade glass which we know you will love as much as we do.


  • Handmade Glass Dish
  • 50grams Black Burn Sand
  • Dimensions W4.5cm x H1.5cm

Never burn directly on vessel.

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