Radial Cuff - Stainless Steel


The Radial Cuff has been developed in much the same way you might conceive of a perfect t-shirt: it's comfortable, it's flattering, and it goes with just about everything.

The Radial Cuff features a radial shape that closely mirrors the particular oval of a wrist for a glove-like fit, a subtly beveled edge to reflect light and create contour, precision-machining for consistent sizing, five different sizes to accommodate a wide range of humans, and a slimmed-down, sleek profile.

The result of many small design decisions is an unfussy, widely applicable piece of outfit-enhancement. It’s at home in the maximalist stack of a fully-initiated collector, or as the gateway piece for the adornment newcomer. The Radial Cuff is available in Stainless Steel or Brass.


  • finished in Craighill's NYC Workshop
  • Precision-machined
  • Solid stainless steel
  • weighs 28 grams


Measure the circumference of your wrist with a tape measure or string and a ruler.

  • Medium fits wrists with a circumference between 16.5 and 18.4cm
  • Large fits wrists with a circumference between 18 and 19.5cm
  • Extra Large fits wrists with a circumference between 19 and 21cm


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