Frances Lincoln

Love Pattern & Colour - Charlotte Abrahams


Whether you want to fill your home with a riot of different patterns, or are looking for a single motif for a feature wall, there's an amazing array to choose from, and Love Pattern and Colour is the perfect place to start.

"How do you live with pattern?  How do you choose?  Are you blousy flowers or chic pinstripes, Baroque damask or carefree polka dots, pastoral toile de Jouy or urban geometry?  And once you have found your style, how do you bring it into your home?

This book aims to help you find the answers to all those questions.  It doesn't set out rules - this is home decoration, there aren't any rules - but it does explain how pattern affects spaces, how light and colour change the way we perceive pattern and how pattern can be used to achieve certain looks.

A feast for your eyes.

Hardcover, 256 pages, 236mm x 205mm x 24mm


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