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Jaggr Lip Balm

‘Jaggr’ is a play on the man with arguably the most famous lips of all, but also in some small way homage to the fellow in that meeting all those years ago who pulled out a women’s lip balm and applied it with carefree nonchalance, like a famous Jagger pout or prance across stage.
If the eyes are the windows to our soul then our the lips may well be the landing pad.  “I wish I had less luscious, less plump, less curvaceous, less soft, sensual lips… said no one ever”.  From hot lips Houlihan and rolling stones covers, to the flaming lips and goodnight kiss, nothing really beats a great pair of lips. Jaggr was created to enhance yours, protecting them with the benefits of natural zinc, SPF 15 defence combined with the calming effects of Kawakawa and all round goodness of Manuka oil making Jaggr something of an instant kiwi classic.


Jaggr is for pouting, strutting and smack-talking lips. Apply a small amount directly to lip region. Reapply throughout the day.


Made in New Zealand.

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