Te Tonic

Gin & Tonic Infusions - Cocktail infusers


Make your G and T a bit special with an infusion made from botanicals, herbs, flowers and spices in a pyramid shaped silk pouch.

Nanopack GinTonic means authentic Mediterranean lifestyle: a new range of flavours and sensations to enhance exceptional tastes and aromas to your Gin Tonic.

An exquisite selection of fruits, spices and botanicals for exciting tastes creation, packed in an elegant case including 6 astonishing aromas:

  • Red Passion: apple, red berries, petals and selected flowers.
  • Rose Jasmine: roses and orange blossom for a velvet taste.
  • Yellow Citric: spicy and sour nuances to boost your senses.
  • Orange Energy: bright and vibrant, with the perfect taste of cinnamon.
  • Green Fresh: fresh, sparkling and bold.
  • White Essential: white flowers with smooth citrus taste.

    Simply put the infusion into a glass, add gin, blend for 6 minutes, add ice, pour in the tonic water, remove the infusion, add 2 Persian roses and drink.

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