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Fold Soap Holder - Brass


Your block soaps best friend. Holds your soap and helps it to drain and dry making those precious blocks last longer. Our FOLD Soap Block Holders are easily installed where ever you need it most, think kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Line three up inside your shower for your block body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and you will have a beautiful, plastic and clutter-free bathroom.

Can be free-standing or you can use mounting clear tape to mount to the wall / inside sink.  
Perfect for domestic and commercial installations.


  • Measures 75mm x 65mm x 50mm
  • Fits most hand soap, shampoo & conditioner soap blocks
  • Made from 2mm Stainless Steel with Dulux powder coat
  • Water-resistant and suitable for use in shower areas
  • Free-standing and can be mounted with provided suction cups

Each FOLD Soap Block Holder comes in a branded box and is made in New Zealand.

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