Triumph & Disaster

Leather Field Kit Bag


Any journey worth its salt needs a kit bag to support important tasks encountered along the way. Notes need writing, pens need guiding, knives need sharpening, dice will roll, noses powdered for a show, a place to stash Myrrh, chilies for the pot or herbs for a stew. The road of a traveller can be a twisted tale and the one best prepared, is the one least likely to fail.

Triumph & Disaster’s field kit has been designed for the worldly few, a companion for someone on a mission, with things to do. 

Specs:  Brass hook \ Brass zips \ Leather outer \ Leather pouch \ Domed canvas pockets x 2 \ Mesh compartment \ Magnetic closure \ Leather strap

Measures 300mm L x 170mm H x 60mm D

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