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Eat Up New Zealand - Al Brown


Al’s very latest book is a nostalgic treasure trove that gets to the heart of what New Zealand culture is and the food that reflects that. With over 150 recipes, combining stunning food photography and beautiful on-location shots from around the country this is the perfect gift for every New Zealander.

Eat Up New Zealand honours the past with updated Kiwi classics like roast lamb, pies, flounder, corned beef, pikelets, cheese scones, feijoa and tamarillo desserts, preserves and much more. We have access to the best fresh produce in the world and Al's approach is to start with great seasonal produce, cook it simply and add a flavour punch, texture and garnish to take it to another level. It's clever, simple and yet refined food that is inherently Kiwi.

Recipes by Al Brown with Hayden Scott.  Photography by Josh Griggs.

Hardcover,  425 pages

Book size  25.5cm x 20.5cm x 3.5cm


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