Eat Sleep Zoom Repeat


Chris Stark was once just like you - or that person you know. A wide-eyed kitchen novice who couldn't tell a cordon bleu consommé from a courgette. A lost soul who boiled his pasta in the kettle. A hopeless dreamer who destroyed his toaster after turning it on its side to make toasties.

But all that has changed.

Radio 1 presenter Chris emerged from his three-year university bushtucker trial with hard-won culinary skills, a harder-won immunity to salmonella and a profound revelation: great student cookery is its own art-form and, in the student kitchen, there are only three commandments that matter: let all food be practical, Instagrammable, and dead cheap.

This book will arm you with the inspiration to knock together meals for any occasion: speedy eats, detox dishes, one-pot wizardry, food for thought, food for sport, date night delights, party food, 'DIY takeaway solutions' and breadline-time starvation rations - all with the guarantee of being delicious, nutritious and costing much, much less than your last library fine.

Hardcover, 176 pages

22cmh x 16cmw

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