Schott Zwiesel

Champagner Set


A set to celebrate special occasions and create memories for years to come.  An elegant champagne set in a classic, timeless and elegant design made from Triton glass.

2 x Champagne glasses made in Germany
Height 234mm / Diameter 500mm / Capacity 297ml


a Chamapagne Cooler made in Slovakia 2.2L
Height 235mm / Diameter 150mm / Capacity 2200ml 

Schott Zwiesel has been a leading producer of glassware for over 100 years.  Their Triton crystal is lead-free and contains titanium oxide and zirconium oxide.  As a result, the glasses will not etch, cloud, or discolour for the life of the glass.   They are durable, don't chip or scratch easily, and are thermal resistant so can go in the dishwasher.   All Schott Zwiesel glasses are a pleasure to drink from with their smooth, thin, elegant edge.


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