Big Base Bag


Go big or go home.  This is the big one for when you need to carry a bunch of stuff but want to look like you’re not. 

Grab a big base when you’re packing the car for a weekend getaway. Or moving house. Or just getting the kids to weekend sports.

Made from stretchy jersey knit fabric backed by spongy neoprene, the big base is lightweight, soft and durable.

 It comes with dual nylon webbing handles to help you carry anything. Long to throw over a shoulder; short to hold in the hand. 

And it looks good, even when filled. Because we know that matters (even when it doesn’t really matter).

 Here’s what you can fit in your big base:

  • the family beach essentials
  • a duvet and pillow for weekend sleepovers
  • your ski gear and boots when you finally get away

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