Cathy Pope

Amulet - Smokey Quartz Gold Amalfi


Strong, bold, and unashamedly powerful, the amulets by Cathy Pope are a beautiful statement piece and become modern heirlooms. 

They are sold separately so that they may be used with a wide variety of chains and outfits.    Simply clip it onto the spring clasp or thread it onto your own favourite chain. 

Smokey Quartz is a protective and grounding stone. It shields one from negative energies by absorbing and grounding them, allowing them to be neutralised by the earth.

This amulet can be clipped onto these chains: 

  • long loop chain
  • loop chain
  • Wide Snake Chain
  • Skinny Snake Chain

Pendant measures 30mm x 20mm and has a chain opening loop of 7mm diameter.

Made from 925 sterling silver pendant plated in 2 microns of 14k gold (gold vermeil).

Please note that this is for the amulet only.

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